SpaBoss Alka Rise

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Give your spa or hot tub’s alkalinity a boost, while also increasing the efficiency of your disinfectant agents with SpaBoss Alka Rise. This product helps prevent pH bounce and pH instability. Alka Rise comes in 1.5-pound containers.

SpaBoss Alka Rise

SpaBoss Alka Rise helps to raise the total alkalinity and increase disinfectant efficiency in your spa and hot tub water.  This SpaBoss product will prevent erratic changes in the pH level in your spa water and prevent any pH Bounce. Size: 1.5 lbs.

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SKU 959356
Manufacturer Capo Industries, Ltd.
Brand SpaBoss Chemicals
UPC Number 065180593568
Product Weight 1.5 lbs.

Active Ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate - 100%

One Capful holds approximately 1 oz.

Test the water for total alkalinity.  If Bromine is the disinfectant normally used, total Alkalinity will be lowered more rapidly.

If the total Alkalinity is tested low, add Alka-Rise directly to the spa / hot tub water according to the following table.

If the total Alkalinity reading is: Add this much Alka-Rise per 250 gallons of spa water:
120-150 None
85 1 ounce
70 2 ounces
55 3 ounces
40 5 ounces
25 7 ounces
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