Spa Frog Jump Start

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Shocking your spa or hot tub has never been easier; simply snip the corner of your Spa Frog Jump Start pouch, then pour it directly into the water! Spa Frog Jump Start has a one-of-a-kind effervescent effect, so you’ll know when it’s working its magic. Are you a Spa Frog Mineral System user? These jump-start products will help you prolong the life of your cartridges!

Spa Frog Jump Start

Simply cut the corner of the Spa Frog Jump Start package and pour into the hot tub! This convenient hot tub shock is in an easy to pour package that has a unique effervescent feature so you know it is working. Use the Spa Frog Jump Start when starting up a freshly filled hot tub (up to 500 gallons), occuring approximately every 4 months. If you are a SPA FROG Mineral System user, this product helps extend the life of your Bromine Cartridges.

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SKU 01-14-6012
Manufacturer King Technology
Brand Frog
UPC Number 722906060017
Product Weight 1.5 oz or 43 g
Shipping Weight 0.1 lbs

Active Ingredient: Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione - 33%

Other Ingredients: 67%

Total: 100%

*Total Chlorine 21.47%

To a freshly filled spa or hot tub add one packet for up to 500 gallons of spa water.  After the product has bubbled for a few seconds turn on the high speed jets for one minute or until fully dissolved.  Maintain a pH of between 7.2 and 7.8.  Test water with a Frog Test Strip to see if desired level of chlorine and pH has been reached.  Reentry is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm chlorine due to risk of bodily injury.

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