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Keep Your Spa Clean and Clear With Spa Boss Chemicals!

Keeping a clean spa is one of the most essential and important aspects of spa care. At Spa Headquarters, we offer many different products that are used to specifically disinfect your spa water. One of our preferred brands is Spa Boss, which offers chemical products and sanitizers that contain the highest levels of active ingredients for your spa. These products include Spa Boss Chlor-Aid and Spa Boss Spa Shock; chemicals that explicitly disinfect your spa and kill bacteria and algae. We carry a huge selection of Spa Boss chemicals at the lowest price guaranteed!
Spa Boss Spa Care Guide

If you aren’t sure which Spa Boss chemicals would be most beneficial for your spa, please give our Customer Service team a call at 844-853-4235 to talk with a hot tub chemical expert. 

What Spa Boss Chemicals Are The Most Beneficial?

While Spa Boss offers a variety of different important chemicals for your spa, Spa Boss Chlor-Aid and Spa Boss Spa Shock prove to be the most popular chemical products offered. Why you ask? Take a look at our helpful descriptions below to find out the benefits of both chemicals:

  • Spa Boss Chlor-Aid: This chlorine product is a granular di-cholor chemical (meaning it super-chlorinated and very effective), which is important for all aspects of spa care. Spa Boss Chlor-Aid controls all bacteria that loves to grow in spa and hot tub (aka warm water) environments. This product is added to your spa water after use of the spa. It is a safe and effective product, having minimal effect on pH.
  • Spa Boss Spa Shock: This treatment shocks your hot tub and oxidizes the water, helping to extend chlorine efficiency and recharge bromine. Spa Boss Spa Shock is also granular (like the Chlor-Aid above), but contains no chlorine. It’s ingredients destroy foreign contaminates while still being completely soluble!

Do You Have Questions About Spa Boss Chemicals?

A Spa Headquarters representative is more than happy to help! Feel free to call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235.

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  1. SpaBoss Chemical Kit

    SpaBoss Chemical Kit

    SKU: 777700
  2. SpaBoss Chlor-Aid

    SpaBoss Chlor-Aid

    SKU: 959360
  3. SpaBoss Shock

    SpaBoss Shock

    SKU: 959709
  4. SpaBoss Prevent II - 32 oz

    SpaBoss Prevent II - 32 oz

    SKU: 959535
  5. SpaBoss Bromine Tabs

    SpaBoss Bromine Tabs

    SKU: 958415
  6. SpaBoss Descummer

    SpaBoss Descummer

    SKU: 959353
  7. SpaBoss X-It

    SpaBoss X-It

    SKU: 959366
  8. SpaBoss Defoamer

    SpaBoss Defoamer

    SKU: 959616
  9. SpaBoss Filter-Free

    SpaBoss Filter-Free

    SKU: 959911
  10. SpaBoss Spa Polish

    SpaBoss Spa Polish

    SKU: 959706
  11. SpaBoss Ultra-Spa

    SpaBoss Ultra-Spa

    SKU: 957727
  12. SpaBoss pH Plus

    SpaBoss pH Plus

    SKU: 959355
  13. SpaBoss pH Minus

    SpaBoss pH Minus

    SKU: 959358
  14. SpaBoss Prevent II - 16 oz

    SpaBoss Prevent II - 16 oz

    SKU: 959516
  15. SpaBoss Spa Clear

    SpaBoss Spa Clear

    SKU: 958330
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