Scum Balls For Spa

Remove scum from your spa with Scum Balls and Zorbo

At Spa Headquarters, we know how difficult it can be to get the inside edges of your spa as clean as you would like, even after adding many chemicals and sanitizers. But what if we told you there was a low-cost, easy way to remove that irritating scum from the edge of your spa? There are—and the products are known as Scum Balls and ZorbO Scum Absorbers! These small, yet powerful products float in your spa and not only remove the nasty scum lines, but also absorb all oil and lotion residue! Hot Tub Scum Balls and are made of a unique foam rubber that can absorb from 15-32 times their weight in oil.

Need help identifying if a hot tub Scum Ball or Zorbo Scum Absorber will take care of your spa needs? Call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235 and we’ll make sure you speak to our hot tub chemical expert! 

Benefits of Scum Balls For Spa

More and more spa users are choosing to use Scum Balls and ZorbO Scum Absorbers to keep their hot tub running in optimal condition. Here are a few reasons to use ZorbO or Scum Balls for spas:

  • Your time between spa cleanings will increase. Scum Balls and absorbers are constantly removing bacteria in the water, therefore allowing you to decrease the number of cleaning/shock treatments you give your spa.
  • Scum Balls and ZorbO Absorbers reduce potent odors that hot tubs emit, unlike chlorine, which is known to put off an undesirable scent. Additionally, they remove oils and lotion on the surface of your spa leaving your skin clear from grime.
  • Maintenance is simple and easy! Once you put the Scum Ball or ZorbO absorber in your spa, you leave it there and let it be for up to 6 months. There is no need to monitor or check it until it is time to be replaced (Scum Balls, once a month; ZorbO Scum Absorbers, every 6 months).
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