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Chemical Care Guides from Spa Headquarters

Spa maintenance is an essential step to keeping your spa sparkling and clean all year long. At Spa Headquarters, we want to make sure your spa experience stays as relaxing and stress free as it can be, without having to worry about extensive cleaning and confusing chemical measures.

To help, we’ve outlined our best tips for maintaining your spa; from the first time you start it up to the endless uses to come in the years ahead! These tips are located in our Spa Care Guides, categorized by the 7 different brands of chemicals we offer- AquaChek, ecoone, Leisure Time, SpaBoss, SPA FROG, SeaKlear, and Spa Marvel. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call today at 844-853-4235. 

Additional Information about our Spa Chemical Brands

Spa Headquarters offers a wide variety of different chemicals for your spa. Take a look at the major spa chemical brands we carry, and what you will find inside their corresponding Spa Care Guide.

  • AquaChek: AquaChek provides test strips that give you accurate results regarding your hot tub’s water impurities. Our AquaChek care guide shows you how to use their different test strips correctly.
  • ecoone: This brand is all-natural, and prides themselves on providing you products that naturally break down organic contaminants in your spa. Learn how to effectively use your ecoone products in our spa care guide.
  • Leisure Time: Leisure Time offers the Simple Spa Care program, an easy to follow spa care routine to help you more efficiently take care of your spa. Read about the Leisure Time Free System and Spa Care program in our chemical care guide.
  • SpaBoss: This brand contains the highest levels of active ingredients for your spa – used to disinfect your spa and kill bacteria. Learn how to use all of the chemical products in conjunction with each other in our SpaBoss care guide.
  • SPA FROG: SPA FROG uses a unique mineral formula that leaves your spa water cleaner and clearer without measuring or touching chemicals! Learn more about the SPA FROG In-Line System in our informative care guide!
  • SeaKlear: SeaKlear offers a wide range of effective chemicals, as well as an easy, useful water balance program (located in the care guide) to help keep your spa water in tip-top shape!
  • Spa Marvel: These items are eco-friendly and enzyme based, which reduce and eliminate the need for many chemicals generally used in water treatments. In our guide you’ll learn how to use Spa Marvel’s line of cleaners to take care of your spa water and filters!
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