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With SeaKlear® Spa Natural Clarifier, you can naturally clarify water that’s become scum-tainted, cloudy and oily. With this chitosan-based product, you will be proactive in extending the lifetime of your spa. This is simply the best, most environmentally friendly way to eliminate contaminants such as metal, scum and oil from your hot tub or spa — and leave it shimmering!

Clear up cloudy, oily and scum-tainted spa water — naturally! SeaKlear® Spa Natural Clarifier is the natural choice for eliminating excess metals, oils and scum from your spa, leaving it absolutely pristine. By using SeaKlear® spa water clarifier, you will greatly reduce the amount of harsh chemicals required to treat your spa’s water. And, you’ll be extending the functional lifetime of your spa, too!

How does it work? This natural clarifier is made from chitosan, a chemical derived from shrimp and crab shells. This is the same chemical that has been used to clarify wines and other beverages for centuries, so you know it’s safe! Unlike the many other spa clarifying products on the market, SeaKlear® will actually remove the oil from your spa water.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Your Family

The chitosan we use in SeaKlear® products has been recycled from the seafood industry. Our spa water clarifier is environmentally friendly and safe to use alongside salt systems and alternative sanitizers.

As SeaKlear® spa water clarifier products come from all-natural ingredients, there is no risk of adding too much spa clarifying agent. But, for best results, you should always follow the recommended dosing chart.

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Weekly Maintenance: To keep spa or hot tub water clear and clean, use Natural Clarifier once a week at the standard dosage.  For spas and hot tubs that get heavy use or for commercial spas and hot tubs, Natural Clarifier may be used twice weekly at double or triple dosage.

  1. Make sure filter is clean and all equipment is working properly.
  2. Squirt the calculated amount of Natural Clarifier into spa or hot tub with filter running and jets on high.  Run filter system continuously for at least 1 hour after application.

Standard Dosage: Use 1 fl. Oz. of SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier for each 500 gallons of spa or hot tub water.  No premixing required.

Cloudy Water Dosage: For especially dirty or cloudy water, double or triple the standard dosage.

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Chemical orders typically ship within 1 business day via UPS.

Returns & Replacement Policies

Chemicals must be returned unused within 30 Days of purchase date. At time of receipt of returned parts, you will receive a refund less the shipping cost.

If you are unsure whether the chemicals you are ordering is correct, please contact us at 844-853-4235 to confirm you are ordering the correct products for your hot tub.

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