SeaKlear Shock Oxidizer Pods (20 count)

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SeaKlear Shock Pods help eliminate odors and different smells from your spa or hot tub! These pre-measured oxidizing shock pods eliminate different contaminants such as lotions, oils, skin, perfumes and more after the first use! Additionally, using this product frequently will require you to use less sanitizer in your spa.

SeaKlear Shock Oxidizer Pods (20 count)

SeaKlear Shock Pods Shock Oxidizer

SeaKlear Shock Pods Oxidizer helps odors and chlorine smells will be eliminated! Organic contaminants like skin, perspiration, body lotions, hair products and perfumes are oxidized quickly after first use. By using this product frequently, your spa will require less sanitizer and control the formation of chloramines.

The Shock Pods are your toss-and-go solution for spa care, making it extremely convenient to oxidize your hot tub! The pods are already pre-measured (so you won’t add too much oxidizer) and dissolve quickly in your spa.

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SKU 1160051
Manufacturer SeaKlear Spa Chemicals
UPC Number 662817902344
Product Weight 2 oz each or 56.7 g each
Quantity 20 Water Soluble Pods

Active Ingredients: Potassium Peroxymonosulfate - 36.2%

Inert Ingredients: 63.8%*

*Active Oxygen: 3.76%

Dosage: Use one 2 oz. pod per 500 gallons of hot tub water, before or after use, at least once per week.

Before using your spa or hot tub:

  1. Toss one pod into the tub with the circulation jets running.
  2. Wait at least 15 minutes before entering the water.

After using your spa or hot tub:

  1. Toss one pod into the tub with the circulation jets and pump running.
  2. Leave the cover off for at least 1 hour and keep the pump running for at least 2 hours.
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