SeaKlear Metal Klear

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This phosphate-free product effectively prevents water discoloration in your spa as well as staining on your spa or hot tub surface. SeaKlear Metal Klear helps to reduce the bad odors and metal build caused by chlorine in your spa water. Additionally, this product is compatible with all spa salt systems.

SeaKlear Metal Klear

SeaKlear Metal Klear

SeaKlear Metal Klear efficiently prevents metals from staining all spa and hot tub surfaces. This high performing formula stops and clears up all unsightly water discoloration due to metal build up as well as reduces foul smells built up from chlorine generators. SeaKlear Metal Klear is compatible with salt systems and is a phosphate-free formula.

Additionally, it’s important to know that all SeaKlear spa products such as SeaKlear Metal Klear are made from all natural ingredients and can’t ever be overdosed (and allow you to buy with confidence knowing you’re getting a quality, eco-friendly product!)

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SKU 1140107
Manufacturer SeaKlear Spa Chemicals
UPC Number 662817902108
Product Weight 16 Fl. Oz. (1 Pt.)

For startup use 4 ounces for up to 500 gallons*.  Add to hot tub with jets running and circulation on high.  For freshly stained surfaces or discoloration of water from metals add 8 ounces for up to 500 gallons*.  Clean filter cartridge after water discoloration has cleared.

Maintenance: 2 ounces for up to 500 gallons* weekly added with jets running and circulation on high.

*For hot tubs 250 gallons or less use half the recommended amount.

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