SeaKlear Deluxe Spa Accessory Pack

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Recently purchase a new spa? You need the Deluxe Spa Accessory Pack from SeaKlear®! This kit will help you defoam the water, control stains and scale buildup, as well as clarify the water. With the fast-acting balanced shock oxidizer, you can resume use of your spa in as little as 15 minutes! SeaKlear® also includes a helpful water maintenance guide — great for first-time and long-time owners alike!

SeaKlear Deluxe Accessory Pack for hot tubs is an all-in-one treatment kit containing the products needed for spa start-up! This pack works in conjunction with sanitation systems.

Each SeaKlear Deluxe Accessory Pack contains:

  • SeaKlear Enzyme Klear (1) - 8 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Stain & Scale Control (1) - 8 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Self-Flocking Defoamer (1) - 8 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Natural Clarifier (1) - 16 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Filter Cleaner & Degreaser (1) - 8 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Balanced Shock Oxidizer (1) - 8 fl. oz.
  • SeaKlear Test Strips (10 strips)
  • SeaKlear Water Maintenance Guide (1)

Product Descriptions

SeaKlear Enzyme Klear - Spa Enzyme Klear destroys scum lines, odors and helps remove excess oils using a natural enzyme in your spa water.

SeaKlear Stain & Scale Control – Stain & Scale Control is the perfect way to remove nasty scale deposits from your spa or hot tub surfaces. With regular dosing, you will prevent those deposits from returning onto your spa. It is an absolute must for areas with hard water as hard water contains a lot of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Use once a week to treat your hard water areas.

SeaKlear Self-Flocking Defoamer - Stop foaming in your spa and remove dirt and oils that cause it with SeaKlear Spa Self-Flocking Defoamer. This product is crucial in breaking down the bubbles and removing the waste products that cause the foaming. The Self-Flocking Defoamer is the only defoamer in the industry with patented, all-natural self-flocking capabilities.

Sea Klear Natural Clarifier - This product removes oils and keeps your spa filter cleaner for a longer period of time than most other clarifiers. It naturally clarifies cloudy spa water and removes excess oils and lotions to prevent scum at the water line. This patented formula is eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic, and biodegradable! Natural Clarifier enhances ozone purification and improves the performance of ion-based purifiers by removing the non-essential, stain-causing metals.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser - Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is an easy and effective way to rid your spa of nasty grease, grime, and oil buildup from filter elements, restoring them to optimal efficiency. Its powerful liquid formula contains no harmful acids and ensures filters of all types can be safely soaked without the fear of damage. This product needs 1 hour to clean most filter elements, minimizing the time your spa or hot tub has to be shut down.

SeaKlear Balanced Shock Oxidizer – SeaKlear Shock Oxidizer helps keep your spa water clear and odor-free. This is a superior shock product as it contains the highest active oxygen in the industry - with no fillers. Active oxygen eliminates organic contaminants, suntan oils, and perspiration. This product minimizes pH fluctuation and allows you to resume use of spa just 15 minutes after treatment.

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Refer to the SeaKlear Spa Care Guide.

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If you are unsure whether the chemicals you are ordering is correct, please contact us at 844-853-4235 to confirm you are ordering the correct products for your hot tub.

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