SeaKlear Calcium Increaser

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While soft water may feel nice on the skin, if it gets too soft it can damage your hot tub or spa’s essential equipment, including the heater, filter and pump. The solution? Simply add SeaKlear® Spa Calcium Increaser from Spa Headquarters to prevent corrosion and plaster surface etching. Proudly made in the USA, this product is compatible with the majority of sanitizer products on the market.

If you have soft water in your spa and it goes untreated, it can cause damage to equipment such as the pump, filter or heater. SeaKlear Spa Calcium Increaser is ideal for increasing calcium hardness levels in your spa or hot tub, treating soft water and preventing corrosion damage to equipment and etching in plaster surfaces.

This product is very easy to use! Just add the liquid formula directly to spa water - no dilution or mixing necessary! One ounce of SeaKlear Calcium Increaser per 500 gallons increases water hardness by 7 parts per million (ppm). SeaKlear Calcium Increaser is compatible with all major sanitizing systems and is made to the exacting standards SeaKlear demands of all its products. Proven effective and reliable, buy SeaKlear buy with confidence. Made in the United States.

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Manufacturer SeaKlear Spa Chemicals
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One ounce of product per 500 gallons increases hardness by 7 ppm.

  1. Determine the amount of product to be added using a calcium hardness test kit.
  2. Pour the proper amount of the product into the spa or hot tub with equipment turned on.
  3. Run the filter for one or two hours.
  4. Water may be retested in 20 minutes.

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