Leisure Time Mineral Purifier Cartridge

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With a minimal amount of sanitizer, the Leisure Time Mineral Purifier Cartridge will keep your hot tub water clean and clear for up to 4 months, making your hot tub maintenance a breeze. Simply insert into your spa, and because you won’t have to use as many chemicals, your filter will have an easier job keeping your hot tub water enjoyable until your next drain and refill.

Leisure Time Mineral Purifier Cartridge will simplify your spa and hot tub maintenance by reducing the sanitizer demand. This cartridge helps control bacteria, prevent algae and improve filter efficiency. It creates softer, cleaner spa water while drastically reducing the amount of harsh spa chemicals needed to maintain a healthy spa. Leisure Time Mineral Purifier Cartridge can be used with bromine, chlorine, ozone and non-chlorine shock. When used with a minimal amount of sanitizer, this Mineral Purifier Cartridge will provide clear water for up to four months in spas up to 1,000 gallons.

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SKU 23434A
Manufacturer Lonza
Brand Leisure Time
UPC Number 785336234342
Shipping Weight 0.4 lbs

Active Ingredient: Silver Chloride - .5%

Other Ingredients: 99.5%

Total: 100%

For use in spas up to 600 gallons.  Insure all spa equipment is working properly.  Operate the pump and filter for at least 3 hours.  Clean filter following manufacturer’s directions.   Adjust PH to between 7.2 – 7.8.  With a freshly filled spa, establish a bromine or chlorine residual of 1.0 – 2.0 PPM with EPA approved spa shock or by other means.  Always maintain a bromine or chlorine residual of at least 1.0 ppm.  Shock spa once a week or as needed. When using other products as outlined in directions for this product, always follow directions on those products.  Keep the spa free of leaves and debris.

Installing Leisure Time Spa Minerals:  Place Leisure Time spa minerals in one of the following locations:

  1. Majority of spas, insert Leisure Time Spa Minerals inside filter cartridge core.  Do not allow product to sit to low in the filter.  If blocking water flow, install in filter well.  If installed inside a standpipe attach a string to the handle on top for easy removal.
  2. High flow spas, on skimmer filters with 2.5 HP or larger pump motors, place Leisure Time Spa Minerals in filter well outside the filter cartridge. 
  3. Small cartridge or other spas: place Leisure Time spa minerals in skimmer tray.

Disposal: After 4 months of use, or when draining or refilling the spa with fresh water, discard Leisure Time spa minerals in trash even if, upon shaking, there is spent media left inside.  Once wetted the time released minerals in the cartridge are effective up to 4 months.  Non-refillable container.  Do not reuse or refill this container.  Do not attempt to reuse the product once removed from the spa.

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