Leisure Time Free System Chemical Kit

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The Leisure Time Free System Chemical Kit is a great solution for those with sensitive skin who want to enjoy their hot tub with chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free water. The kit includes test strips and products to maintain clean and clear water like the Leisure Time Free Biguanide Sanitizer. This is one of the best alternatives to chlorine and bromine systems.

This chemical kit is a biguanide-based sanitizing system that is chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free and hassle-free! The Free System keeps water clean and clear and is the ideal solution for anyone with sensitive skin or someone looking for a fresh alternative to traditional sanitizers.

Leisure Time Free System Chemical Kit Includes:

  • Leisure Time Free Test Strips (50 count)
  • Leisure Time Spa Up (1) - 2.2 lbs.
  • Leisure Time Spa Down (1) - 2.5 lbs.
  • Leisure Time Control (1) - 32 fl. oz.
  • Leisure Time Boost (1) - 32 fl. oz.
  • Leisure Time Free Sanitizer (1) - 16 fl. oz.

Product Descriptions

Leisure Time Free Test Strips - These test strips check for biguanide sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, bromine and chlorine with one easy-to-read test strip. Free Test Strips are specifically designed for the Free System. They are NOT for use with chlorine or bromine systems. The biguanide sanitizer level should be between 30-55 ppm at all times. Each bottle contains 50 test strips.

Leisure Time Spa Up - This granular product gently raises water pH and total alkalinity levels in hot water. When you keep the pH and alkalinity levels in range, the effectiveness of your spa sanitizer increases. Leisure Time Spa Up is best used in larger spas and in commercial spas. This product is compatible with chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers.

Leisure Time Spa Down - This easy to use granular product lowers water pH and alkalinity. It is important to maintain your spa or hot tub water's pH between 7.2 and 7.8. High pH (above 7.8) can cause scaling, ineffective sanitizing, or cloudy and colored water. Leisure Time Spa Down is compatible with chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers. Use as needed to adjust pH levels.

Leisure Time Control - Control is especially formulated to prevent the unattractive ring around your spa surface caused by oils, organics, minerals, and scale. This dual-action formula prevents unsightly water line film from forming around the perimeter of the spa. Control also contains a sequestering agent to prevent metallic stains and scale. This product is the first of three steps in the Leisure Time Free program, and should be used at start up and weekly thereafter. It should be added to your spa Control before Leisure Time Boost and Leisure Time Free Sanitizer.

Leisure Time Boost - This non-chlorine liquid shock oxidizer formulated to break down oils, lotions and other organic materials. Boost improves filtration while keeping your spa water clean and clear. This product is added after Leisure Time Control during start-up. Control is used to prevent or stop the buildup of scale, oils, waterline residue, organic waste and foam.

Leisure Time Free Biguanide Sanitizer - Made to keep your spa water clean and clear, Free Biguanide Sanitizer eliminates that unsightly water line film and does not affect your hot tub pH levels. This 100% chlorine and bromine-free sanitizer is practically odor-free and controls bacteria longer than chlorine or bromine. Test your spa with Leisure Time Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips regularly and keep Leisure Time Free Sanitizer levels between 30-50 ppm at all times.

More Information
Manufacturer Lonza
Brand Leisure Time

Please refer to the Leisure Time Spa Care Guide.

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Chemical orders typically ship within 1 business day via UPS.

Returns & Replacement Policies

Chemicals must be returned unused within 30 Days of purchase date. At time of receipt of returned parts, you will receive a refund less the shipping cost.

If you are unsure whether the chemicals you are ordering is correct, please contact us at 844-853-4235 to confirm you are ordering the correct products for your hot tub.

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