Hot Tub Covers

High quality, long lasting hot tub covers, custom-made for you.

With hot tub covers starting as low as $294.00, Spa Headquarters is a great place to purchase an affordable, high quality cover for your spa. We offer a variety of foam types and additional options customized to fit your different spa needs.

Don’t need a custom spa cover? Take a look at our other hot tub lid options:

Knowing When To Order A Replacement Hot Tub Cover

We know ordering replacement hot tub covers can be inconvenient, but our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. If you’re not sure it’s time to order a new hot tub lid, check your cover for these key indicators that show it’s time for a replacement:

  • If the outer vinyl is torn on your spa cover, it will affect the heat retention and cleanliness of your spa water. Cracked vinyl isn’t repaired easily and unfortunately with dry and brittle vinyl, no repair is possible.
  • A heavy or sagging cover shows that water has been absorbed into the foam core, and a replacement hot tub cover must be ordered. Foam cores are extremely important, as they are critical for heat retention and safety.
  • Other smaller issues can arise such as broken straps and locks, torn hinges, and unfastened stitching, all of which can affect heat loss in your hot tub and your safety.

Do You Have Questions about Hot Tub Lids?

A Spa Headquarters representative is more than happy to help! Feel free to call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235.

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