Spa Clarifiers & Treatments

Quickly wipe out contaminants that pollute the purity and clarity of your spa water with Spa Headquarters assortment of water clarifiers. Clarifier products destroy the millions of particles that accumulate in spas and hot tubs that lead to cloudy and murky water.

Clarifiers and treatments neutralize and remove particles, oils, dirt and soap and keep water beautifully crystal clear. Used weekly, this product is safe to use with all conventional sanitizers and salt systems. Additionally, clarifiers remove excess oils and lotions to prevent scum at the water line and even improve your spa filter efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about the different clarifiers and treatments Spa Headquarters offers, please give our Customer Service team a call 844-853-4235 to talk with a hot tub and spa expert! 

Additional Information About Clarifiers

Spa Clarifiers tend to work like a magnet. They attract and gather dirt, dusts and other particles, making them large enough to become trapped in the spa filter.

It’s important to note that a clarifier can also be used to “polish” the spa water. For example, the hot tub may look really clear during the day but when it’s illuminated at night, the water may see tiny particles that more than likely are dirt or dust particles.

Hot tubs and spas may benefit from the use of water clarifier every week because of the extremely high temperature, which is in use on a regular basis.

Do You Have Questions About Clarifiers?

A Spa Headquarters representative is more than happy to help and speak to you about the different clarifier product offerings! Feel free to call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235.

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