Chemical Kits

Improve your water quality and eliminate daily maintenance of your spa with Spa Headquarters variety of spa chemical kits. These chemical kits include a different assortment of product offerings such as test strips, bromine and mineral cartridges, sanitizer/shock oxidizers, filter cleansers, clarifiers, degreasers and more.

Spa Headquarters offers the following spa chemical kits: EcoOne 3 Month Water Care Kit, EcoOne Spa Monthly 6 Pack, SeaKlear Delux Spa Accessory Pack, Spa Frog Chemical Kit, SpaBoss Chemical Starter Kit, and SpaMarvel Start-Up Kit.

If you’d like to know more about the different chemical spa kits and products Spa Headquarters offers, please give our Customer Service team a call 844-853-4235 to talk with a hot tub and spa expert! 

Spa Kit Product Benefits

All of the products in our chemical spa kits provide a unique benefit to your spa maintenance. We’ve outlined some of the product benefits below and how they will positively impact your spa experience.

  • - System Flushes & Cleansers: Keep your plumbing clear of build up and deposits with the system flushes. Their unique formula cleans the inside of the spa plumbing system. By removing residues quickly, this product helps prevent deposits from forming on heating elements (if used regularly.)
  • - Shock / Oxidizers: Shocking your hot tub breaks-down organic waste contaminants, which cause odor and cloudy water. After treatment, water quality and clarity is often completely restored.
  • - Filter and Cartridge Cleaners: Remove odors that accumulate in the spa’s filter due to contaminants that build up over time. This easy to use cleaner is powerful and removes oil, hair, dirt and grime that is trapped in the filter, causing unpleasant odors. Using this product on a regular basis will avoid odor problems in your cartridge filter without the use of bleach or harsh acids.
  • - Descummers and Degreasers: These powerful products not only remove the nasty scum lines, but also absorb all oil and lotion residue! They keep the inside edges of your spa as clean as you would like, even after adding many chemicals and sanitizers.

Do You Have Questions About Our Variety of Spa Kits?

A Spa Headquarters representative is more than happy to help and speak to you about the different spa kits. Feel free to call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235.

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  1. ecoone 3 Month Water Care Kit

    ecoone 3 Month Water Care Kit

    SKU: eco-8036
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  2. ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack

    ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack

    SKU: eco-8037
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  3. ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack with ECOone shock

    ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack with ECOone shock

    SKU: eco-8040
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  4. Spa Frog Floating System

    Spa Frog Floating System

    SKU: 01-14-3883
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