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Whether you’re looking for one particular spa water treatment or an entire hot tub chemical kit, Spa Headquarters makes it easy to shop for the chemicals you need! We’ve grouped our selection of spa chemicals into easy-to-follow categories for quick, convenient shopping. Every chemical you see is in stock and ready to ship! If you need help deciding which hot tub chemical kit would work best for your spa, call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235. 

The Spa Chemicals Breakdown

If it’s your first time shopping for a hot tub chemical kit, you might need a bit of help remembering what each type of chemical is used for. Below is a shortlist of the many different categories of spa chemical and spa water treatments you may need—all of which are available for purchase through Spa Headquarters!

  • Sanitizers – The most important spa chemicals to have readily available! These chemicals disinfect your spa water by removing bacteria and viruses.
  • Shock – These oxidizing chemicals break down and remove organic contaminants and oils.
  • Balancers - These chemicals are used to increase or decrease the pH, alkalinity and hardness levels of your water to the recommended range.
  • Spa Water Treatments – These chemicals are also called clarifiers because they do exactly that… they help keep your water looking crystal clear!
  • Cleaners & Spa Care – Whether you need to clean your filters cartridges, vinyl cover, acrylic shell, or just remove accumulated deposits and grime, we’ve got a hot tub cleaner that can do it.
  • Hot Tub Test Strips – A must-have! These handy strips are used to test your water’s level of chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness so you can make the proper adjustments.

Need help selecting your spa chemicals?

Give us a call today at 844-853-4235. One of our hot tub experts is ready and willing to help!

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  1. Pump Marvel

    Pump Marvel

    SKU: SP4
  2. ZorbO Scum Absorber

    ZorbO Scum Absorber

    SKU: X103400
  3. Scumballs (2 Pack)

    Scumballs (2 Pack)

  4. ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack with ECOone shock

    ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack with ECOone shock

    SKU: eco-8040
    Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $61.99
  5. ecoone OneShock Sanitizer

    ecoone OneShock Sanitizer

    SKU: eco-8050
    Regular Price $22.99 Special Price $19.99
  6. ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack

    ecoone Spa Monthly 6 Pack

    SKU: eco-8037
    Regular Price $63.99 Special Price $49.99
  7. ecoone 3 Month Water Care Kit

    ecoone 3 Month Water Care Kit

    SKU: eco-8036
    Regular Price $58.99 Special Price $49.99
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