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Spa supplies and finishing touches for your custom backyard oasis

Now that you’ve got the perfect hot tub, it’s time to add a few pieces of spa equipment to make it your own! Spa Headquarters offers a variety of hot tub supplies and accessories that can enhance your soak experience, including booster seats, steps, caddies and trays. Whether you’re looking for added safety or just a convenient spot to place your drink, our selection of spa supplies will have you covered. And don’t forget, all Spa Headquarters orders over $99 ship for free in the United States! 

Personalize your hot tub experience with our specialty spa equipment

Your hot tub is meant to be your personal haven for rest and relaxation—and that means making it as convenient and safe as possible! At Spa Headquarters, we’ve sourced a variety of spa supplies and accessories that give you the option to personalize your spa for your exact needs. Here are just a few hot tub supplies to consider:

  • Hot Tub Booster Seats are the perfect solution for smaller adults and children who may be too short for the standard depth of the built-in seats.
  • Spa Caddies and Trays give you a convenient place to set drinks, food, cellphones or anything else you’d like to keep close by—but out of the water!
  • Hot Tub Steps provide a safe, comfortable way to enter and exit your spa. You can match them to the trim on your spa for a seamless, custom-made look!

Need help finding a particular piece of spa equipment or accessory? We’d be happy to help you find it! Call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235 to talk to one of our hot tub supplies experts.

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  1. Scumballs (2 Pack)

    Scumballs (2 Pack)

  2. Pump Marvel

    Pump Marvel

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  3.  Bromine Floater

    Bromine Floater

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  4. SpaBoss Spa-Scoop

    SpaBoss Spa-Scoop

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  5. Spa Caddy

    Spa Caddy

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