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Easily shock and sanitize your spa with ecoone’s One Shock Sanitizer! For the first time in spa care, you are able to take care of disinfecting your spa using a pre-measured two in one combination tablet that automatically dissolves in water.  You can’t go wrong using this effective and efficient ecoone spa chemical.

ecoone’s One Shock Sanitizer is the world's first pre-measured spa sanitizer and shock combination tablet. This tablet is convenient and easy to use as it automatically dissolves in water and disinfects your spa. ecoone’s One Shock Sanitizer keeps your spa clean and contaminant-free without leaving sediment or residue. It’s important to remember that shocking and sanitizing your spa is one of the most significant elements of spa care, and the ecoone One Shock Sanitizer is the perfect product for the job.

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SKU eco-8050
Manufacturer Pacific Sands, Inc.
Brand ecoone
UPC Number 682373000063
Product Weight 2 lb
Shipping Weight 2.05 lbs

Active Ingredint: Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione, hydrated - 99%

Other Ingredients - 1%

Available Chlorine - 55.5%

For Spa and Hot Tub Disinfectant:

This product is intended for use controlling bacteria in spas and hot tubs.  This product is also highly effective in controlling and destroying algae in outdoor spas and hot tubs.  See the ecoone Spa Care Guide for more information.

 Start-Up: Before using this product, make sure that the filtration system is clean and operating properly.  Adjust the pH of the water to the range of 7.2 – 7.6 and the alkalinity of the water to a minimum of 125 ppm, using suitable products and reliable test kits. 

Add a sufficient amount of this product to a suitable feeder to raise the free chlorine level in the water to 5 – 6 ppm, based on suitable test kit readings.  The addition of 2 tablets per 800 gallons of water will increase the available chlorine by 5 ppm.

Shock Treatment: After each use, the water should be super-chlorinated or shocked.  Add a sufficient amount of this product directly to a suitable to raise the available chlorine level to 5 – 6 ppm based on test kit readings.  The addition of 2 tablets per 800 gallons of water will increase the available chlorine by 5 ppm.  If combined chlorine reading is not below .05 ppm and the water has not been restored to normal clarity, repeat the shock treatment described above.  Combined chlorine is the difference between total and free chlorine, as measured by suitable test kits.

Maintenance Treatment: Add this product daily or as needed to maintain free available chlorine level in the water at 3 – 5 ppm as indicated by a suitable test kit.  The addition of 2 tablets per 1,000 gallons of water will increase the available chlorine by 4 ppm.  Weather and usage affect sanitizer levels on addition, some oils, lotions, fragrances, cleaners, etc. may cause foaming or cloudy water as well, which reduce the efficiency of this product.  Maintain the pH at 7.2 – 7.6 and alkalinity at a minimum of 125 ppm.

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Chemicals must be returned unused within 30 Days of purchase date. At time of receipt of returned parts, you will receive a refund less the shipping cost.

If you are unsure whether the chemicals you are ordering is correct, please contact us at 844-853-4235 to confirm you are ordering the correct products for your hot tub.

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bulk buying is best deal.
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Only need to use a small amount--last a long time and if you have sensitive skin this will NOT leave your skin dry or itchy. Highly recommend, it is powerful but very gentle! Used this over a year and it is the only line we buy!
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