ecoone® Spa Water Care System is the easiest and safest water treatment system on the market today. Their easy-to-use Spa system will replace and reduce your need for the vast majority of your spa care chemicals and puts the fun back into owning a spa!

Please keep this guide in a safe place so you can easily find it for questions that arise in the future. If you need additional help, please call our spa Customer Service team seven days a week at 844-853-4235 or visit us at

Step 1: Remove and clean cartridge filter with ecoone® Filter Cleanser.

Step 2: Use existing water to deep-cleanse your spa.
Do this for 1 to 24 hours using approximately 4oz. of ecoone® Fast Acting Spa Cleanser. New spas should be filled and cleansed before starting ecoONE as manufacturer ‘wet testing’ may cause buildup of mold, or other contaminants. NOTE: When switching from a biguanide product, drain and refill spa before cleansing and replace cartridge filter.

Step 3: Clean spa shell and cover. Use ecoone® Shell and Liner Cleaner. Drain spa and rinse surfaces with fresh water. Refill and drain spa 2 to 3 times to assure removal of all contaminants from plumbing. NOTE: Never use household cleaners to clean your spa - they can damage the shell and cause foaming.

Step 4: Adjust pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness. Only do if neccessary. Refill spa and heat to operating temperature. (pH Range: 7.2 – 8.2, Alkalinity: 80 - 120, Hardness: 200+) NOTE: If you have hard or well water, initial water issues can be solved by filling your spa using ecoone® Spa Pre-Filter.

Step 5: Add Sanitizer. Add minimum recommended amount of sanitizer or one dissolving packet of ecoone® Shock (per 250 gallons.)

Step 6: Add ecoone® Monthly to spa with jets and blowers running. For heavily used spas, we recommend adding ½ to 1 cap full of ecoone® Enzyme Active Filter Booster to the filter compartment after each filter cleaning.


pH 7.2 - 8.2 PPM ecoONE pH Plus, pH Minus, Alkalinity Plus
Total Alkalinkity 80 - 150 PPM ecoONE Alkalinity Plus, Spa Pre-Filter
Calcium Hardness 150 - 250 PPM ecoONE Spa Pre-Filter
Chlorine 1.0 - 3.0 PPM ecoONE Alkalinity Plus, Spa Pre-Filter



Daily: Maintain lowest recommended sanitizer
(.5 to 3 ppm generally – follow sanitizer
As Needed: If water looks hazy, clean Cartridge Filter with ecoone® Filter
Weekly: Shock spa with ecoone® Shock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock.
Monthly: Add ecoone® Monthly.
Every 90 Days: Cleanse spa with ecoone® Fast Acting Spa Cleanser, drain and refill.



CLEAN YOUR FILTERS: ecoone's products rely heavily on filtration. Regular and prober cleaning of the spa's filters using a product such as ecoone Pre-Filter are pivotal to the success of using the product

MAINTAIN WATER LEVEL: Water should be at least 7 1/2 centimeters (3 inches) above filter intake. Low water levels will lead to cloudy water.

AVOID DETERGENTS: Bathing suits and clothing will retain detergent left over from laundering. Detergent will dissolve in the water and create foam. To prevent this, wash bathing attire in water without any detergent to ensure it is free of it.

INCREASE CIRCULATION: Too little circulation may lead to water quality issues.



SHOWER FIRST: Showering will reduce the introduction of dirt, oils, hair products, deodorants, makeup, perfume etc. to the spa.

KEEP THE AIR ON: ecoone works better with air in the water. Leave the air intakes "open" between uses to maximize ecoone's effects. It is better if you can point the jets upwards to increase water agitation when you are not in the spa.

ProblemPossible CausesHow To Fix It
“I have cloudy water.” Dirty filters Clean cartridge filter with ecoone® Filter
Inadquate filtration Shock spa with ecoone® Shock
Water chemistry inbalanced Increase filtration cycle & sanitizer level
Suspended particles Adjust chemistry levels (See Ideal Water Balance Chart)
Old water Clean cover with ecoone® Shell and Liner Cleaner
“My water keeps foaming.” High levels of body oils, lotions, soap, etc. Add small dose ecoone® Enzyme Active Filter Booster, let set 24 hours.
“I have green water!” or
“The spa water smells bad!”
Algae, dissolved copper Algae: Shock spa with ecoone® Shock
Low sanitizer level, pH out of range Refill spa using ecoone® Spa Pre-Filter
“My water is brown/black/orange.” Dissolved iron in water Shock spa with ecoone® Shock (follow “green water” directions)
Contaminent buildup Cleanse spa with ecoone® Jet
“The water is irritating my eyes and skin.” Unsanitary water Shock spa with ecoone® Shock
Free chlorine level above 5 PPM Allow levels to drop below 5 PPM
Poor sanitizer/pH levels Adjust according to spa test strip rsults
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