Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Tired of lifting a heavy spa cover? Get a hot tub cover lifter to meet your spa needs.

It’s time you had a no-hassle solution for your heavy spa cover! At Spa Headquarters, we offer a variety of spa cover lifters that are quick to install, easy to use, and extremely durable. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials, our spa cover lifters are designed to fit most standard hot tubs all while meeting your specific needs and budget. If you don’t see something you need, please give our Customer Service team a call at 844-853-4235 to talk with a hot tub cover expert.  

The Importance Of Hot Tub Cover Lifts

Picture this… you’re home after a long day, tired and ready to relax. At that moment, all you want is to soak in your nice hot tub, but you remember you have to remove the heavy spa cover. How inconvenient—unless you had something to help make that process easier. That’s where our high quality spa cover lifts come into play. They give you that helpful extra hand you need and keep your cover close-by and off the ground.

Additionally, cover lifters are easy to install, will save you time, and are extremely economical. As it makes taking your hot tub cover off easier and more convenient, cover lifters encourage and motivate owners to use the cover when the spa isn’t be utilized, thus helping to protect your investment.

Spa Cover Lifter Accessories

Spa Headquarters also stocks a select few spa cover lifter accessories and parts, great additions to any spa and cover lifter.

Do You Have Questions About Hot Tub Cover Lifters?

A Spa Headquarters representative is more than happy to help! Feel free to call our Customer Service team today at 844-853-4235.

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