A properly fitted hot tub cover is essential in order to keep your home spa clean and secure from outside elements including snow and freezing temps!

Keeping your hot tub covered when you are not using it or not at home, helps to protect against the freezing weather as well as contaminants and unwanted guests from entering your spa’s water. Dusts, leaves, dirt and bugs are all kept out of your home spa with a hot tub cover that fits securely on top. Additionally, a hot tub cover keeps the water warm, which aids in the reduction of energy costs. A cover also reduces the amount of water that evaporates from your home spa. This will help save you money since you won’t have to keep topping the water off. Furthermore, when the water evaporates, it takes the chemicals inside with it and causes the PH balance to be thrown off track. This again costs you money in the long run.

When starting the search for a new hot tub cover that is best for your home spa, the first step is figuring out the size you need to make sure it will fit properly. Hot tub covers that fit well are the first defense against heat loss in the water. Spa Headquarters works hard to make ordering replacement hot tub covers as smooth as possible and we over three different options: custom, smart top and slip covers. Spa Headquarters (link to www.spaheadquarters.com) recommends adding a cover lifter to your home spa to help with the manual work of removing the cover to your spa. Additionally, if you have pets or children, you’ll want to include safety locks on your hot tub cover to prevent them from entering the spa without your knowledge.

While hot tub covers are made out of durable material that’s designed to be resistant to wear and tear, it’s still important to follow these standard handling practices in order to make sure they last as long as possible. Do not put clutter on top of your hot tub cover and do not let anyone sit or stand on it. While it is tempting to utilize it as an extra table top outside, placing items on top of the hot tub cover can cause it to break down faster over time. Do not put your hot tub cover back on immediately after adding chemicals to the water. Some chemicals, for example chlorine, interact with the air in order to do its job. Instead, leave the spa uncovered for at least a half an hour after treating the water so that chemical vapors can escape. Be sure to take care when handling the cover to your hot tub. Remove and place it back on gently. Any wear and tear on the water-resistant fabrics or the foam it consists of will damage the protective barrier, allowing for steam to escape and limit the effectiveness of the cover itself. Be sure to pick up and set down the cover carefully using extra hands if needed and never, ever drag the hot tub cover across the ground.

The hot tub cover will show a few signs to let you know when it’s time to order a new one. First off, any sagging or draping in the cover is a sign of water absorption within the foam core. If the foam core of your cover is retaining water, then that is a clear sign that it is time for a new cover. Additionally, an unpleasant smell arising from your old hot tub cover is a clue that mold and mildew found its way inside, causing further damage. Second, if there are any cracks, rips or tears in the outer vinyl, it’s time to replace the lid on your home spa. Finally, smaller things like torn straps, broken hinges and busted locks are also good reasons to upgrade to a new hot tub cover.