A good hot tub has hot, clean water, and powerful jets to soak and massage sore muscles for a relaxing, luxurious experience right in your own home. Let’s focus on those jets, and how the water and air is pushed through the hot tub system through the jet opening to reach you.


The hot tub pump circulates the water regularly as part of the cleaning and maintenance routine of the spa system. Most hot tubs have a pump that has a couple of speeds, usually High and Low. This runs on the low setting for constant circulation when the spa is not in use, and on the high setting when you want to enjoy the therapeutic jets. These therapy pumps use more amps than circulation pumps.


Some hot tubs and spas have what is called a circulation pump that runs constantly. It operates at a slow speed to gentle circulate (hence the name) the water 24/7 to keep the water filtered, chemically balanced, and heated evenly. While circulation pumps typically last around 5-10 years, they can sometimes last longer.


Here are some ways to troubleshoot issues with your circulation pump, and things to look for to help the pump last longer:


• If the pump is dead, check the control panel, the breaker, and the on/off position of the valves. Make sure there aren’t any kinks in the plumbing and check the filter.


• If the pump is making noises, there are a few possible causes. Dirty or clogged filters or plumbing, air in the lines, deposits of lime or calcium, clogged impeller, or bad bearings can all cause strange noises and impede the function of the pump, shortening the lifespan.


• If the circulation pump is on but barely pumping, check the filter first to make sure it’s not clogged and that the water is flowing well. If the filter is fine, then it might be time to replace the pump, as it is most likely wearing out.


And finally, if in doubt about the way your pump is working, it’s always a good idea to call the manufacturer for some help.