Your hot tub needs a good hot tub cover, not only because it will make it look amazing, but also because it retains heat and helps maintain balanced water chemistry. A good, tight-fitting hot tub cover with a solid foam core not only helps with keeping energy costs down by keeping the water the right temperature, but also help you keep your hot tub clean.

Collect the right tools before you begin measuring your hot tub. First up is a measuring tape because no matter what shape the hot tub is it will need to be measured. Next, if you have rounded edges, is a tool known as a carpenter’s square that will help you find the point on a rounded edge. A measuring tape will work if you don’t have this tool.

Use the measuring tape to figure out how wide and long the hot tub is. If your old hot tub cover is still fairly intact, you can use it as a template for measuring your new cover. If not, use the hot tub itself. Measure lip to lip on your hot tub to get the outside dimensions. It’s a good idea to add a little margin to this measurement, up to ½” on either side, to account for differences in material, human error in measuring, or other smaller irregularities in custom made covers. Write the length of each side, keeping all numbers organized and clearly labeled.

Finally, if you have a hot tub with rounded corners, an easy way to measure this shape is to imagine a square with a point at the corner that is rounded. Measure from where the curve starts to round. From this point to the point of the imaginary square will help you finish out the length of each side.

When you measure the skirt, it’s important that it be the right length or even a little short. If it’s too long it may bunch and cause the cover not to sit tightly enough on the hot tub to retain heat. Check the strap length as well to ensure that the hot tub cover can be secured tightly when not in use.

There are other shapes besides square or rectangle with sharp or radius corners. Hot tubs can be round, octagonal, ellipses, or other combinations of straight and round edges