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Welcome to Spa Headquarters - your premier online retailer for spa chemicals, hot tub covers, and filters! We know that keeping a clean spa is one of the most essential and important aspects of spa care . Our products will protect your spa investment, and help extend the life of your spa for years to come! Spa HQ chemicals and products are always in stock and ready to be shipped. All orders over $99 ship FREE to the continental US. 

Quality Hot Tub Chemicals

Our variety of hot tub chemicals and filters will keep your spa fresh and clean. From quality hot tub sanitizers, cleansers, shock and oxidizers to test strips and fragrances, Spa Headquarters has it for you! Here are a few quick guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of your chemicals:

  • Check chemical levels at least 2 times a week
  • Always accurately measure spa chemicals you’re adding. Base the amount on the gallons of water in your spa. This will prevent damage to you and your hot tub.
  • After adding any spa chemicals, keep spa cover open for 10-15 minutes to prevent damage from gasses.

Factory-Direct Hot Tub Filters

At Spa Headquarters, we guarantee our filters will work just as well as your original spa filter. We have a huge selection of hot tub filter replacements in stock including outer filters, bundles, and more! It’s important to remember that your filtration system is a key factor to keeping your spa water clean. Be sure to install a replacement filter at least once a year and clean your filter weekly and with every water change.

Custom-Made Hot Tub Covers

To keep the cold out of your spa and energy bill low, you will need a properly sized hot tub cover. A well-insulated, snug hot tub cover is extremely energy efficient and will prevent heat from escaping Our custom-made covers are made on demand to match your spas specific size and your personal style! Choose from 13 different color options and a variety of other customizable cover elements.

Need a bit more guidance on what Spa Headquarters can do for you? Give our hot tub experts a call at (844) 853-4235.

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